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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mrs McCain should keep quiet.

Mr Populist, Daily Kos:

Cindy's biggest claim to fame: in 1989 she developed an addiction to percocet and vicodin, two powerful morphine based pain killers. In 1993 she was caught stealing percocet from supply of the American Voluntary Medical Team, a charity she founded to provide health care and medications to war victims in underdeveloped nations. The DEA investigated her and with the intervention of her well connected parents and McCain himself, Cindy got off the hook with the usual 90 day trip to the posh rehab. The American Voluntary Medical Team folded shortly after it ceased to be a supply point for Cindy's opiate habit.

The DEA agreed to keep Cindy's little misadventure in Lala Land from the public, but then Cindy went and terminated the guy who reported her to the DEA and the details of Cindy's sordid past as a suburban trophy wife junkie all came out when the fired guy filed a wrongful termination suit against Cindy.

A few weeks after Cindy came clean about her addiction, the Variety Club cancelled her Humanitarian of the Year Award. Boo hoo! [Another example] of Republican family values.

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