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Monday, June 09, 2008

Possibly the stupidest man in America.

Paul Harris, in The Observer:
"Johnny Telvor was not happy about Barack Obama becoming the Democratic presidential nominee. Not happy at all.

Standing outside the sturdy courthouse in the sweltering heat of a West Virginia afternoon in the small town of Williamson, Telvor smoked a cigarette and bluntly gave his opinion of Obama's historic mission to be America's first black president.

'We'll end up slaves. We'll be made slaves just like they was once slaves,' he said. Telvor, a white Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in West Virginia's primary, said he planned to vote for Republican John McCain in November. 'At least he's an American,' he added with a disarmingly friendly smile."

Can someone please get a photo of this clown? Why, oh why do we even let idiots like Johnny Telvor speak, much less vote?


Anonymous said...

You won't find a photo of "Johnny Telvor" because he doesn't exist. The Guardian apparently made him up out of whole cloth.

A ZABA search returns no results for anyone named Telvor in the US.

The Social Security death index returns no results for anyone named Telvor having died in the US since they started keeping records.

Superpages has no listings for anyone named Telvor in the US.

However, a Google search returns that Telvor is apparently a Vampire in some kind of online game.

JS said...

I appreciate your looking and commenting! Thanks! The name seemed slightly suspicious.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a fake. even Richard Reeves can't find anyone actually quoted in the story. The story is a propaganda piece meant to make Americans think that it's racist to vote for John McCain (or that only racists vote for John McCain).

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