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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I never cease to be amazed.

So I'm setting up for a gig, listening to the drummer's kid tell me about a conversation he had with a marine who felt the need to express his intense dislike for Bush (who can't relate, right?). The assistant sound guy hired for the event, looks at us, and with a straight face says, "George Bush is the greatest president ever." How badly do I want to try to correct this moron, who can potentially make my band sound crappy with a twist of a knob? I try to be gentle. "Name me three great things Bush has done," I say. I'm met with a confused look, as if he never had to extend a conversation beyond two sentences. "Okay, I'll make it easier, just name me two great things," I say. Soundguy says, "He invaded Iraq right after we were attacked." "We were attacked in September, 2001, Bush invaded Iraq in March 2003," I replied. I'm met with another dumb stare. "You must be a democrat", he says. I tell him, "I'm an independent, but that has no bearing on the facts."

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